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Citizens Freedom Alliance, Inc. and The Smokers Club welcome your media interview requests in the fields of property rights and smokers rights for both geographical areas or topic subjects.
Citizens Freedom Alliance, Inc. and The Smoker's Club have NO paid staff, and relies completely on volunteers. In short, our operating costs are minimal and are funded primarily through generous small dollar contributions from our readers and supporters.
Finally… the perfect Smoker’s Club mug you’ve been asking for to put on your desk at work, smart looking clothing for you, the kids, and the family dog, or a really large cat. While you may not want a BBQ apron with our artwork on it, please ask your friends if they do.  Thanks for your support!

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Property Rights

The Smoker's Club Newsletter for property rights, smokers rights, and other topics.

The Smoker's Club International Forum.  Talk to other local people facing the same property rights issues you are.

The Smoker's Club Encyclopedia and Site Map.

Read the research of David W. Kuneman, and from around the world.

Community Service

Free Computer Class.  Learn to use your computer, make a webpage, write a resume, and more.

Help starting your own Neighborhood Watch Group, and computer code and instruction to help you get your new group online.

Help starting your own school district's Special Education Parents Group, and computer code and instruction to help you get your new group online.

The Children of Rage.  This page is written and maintained by a Mom of a Traumatic Brain Injury daughter, not a doctor or a teacher, just a real life Mom who understands our reality.

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